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City Clerk Permits

Fireworks Permit Application

               Transient Merchant Application

Building and Land Use Permits

Permits and fees are required for most all building related activities.  In some instances, there are very specific processes that must be followed.  Please contact us before you begin your building project...and we'll help you get on your way! 

Residential Building Permits

Commercial/ Industrial Building Permits
(multi-family, non-profit, and other commercial/industrial buildings)

 Request for Electrical Service or Upgrade

Police Permits

Heavy Truck Traffic Permit Application - This permit is needed w
hen beginning construction, if heavy machinery is needed to move material.  Other considerations should also be given to road weight restrictions and designated truck routes.

         Street Storage Permit Application - (Dumpster/Trailer/Camper/Boat)
If you intend on renting a dumpster for your construction project, you need this permit. The use of dumpsters is governed by the Dumpster Ordinance.