Municipal Code/Ordinances

Municipal CodeClick here for City of Arcadia Municipal Code Book  

2021 Ordinace Revisions/Additions

2021-1  Zoning Restrictions

2020 Ordinance Revisions/Additions

2020-2 Amending the Prohibition of Tobacco Products
2020-3 Prohibiting the Parking of Vehicles on the Front or Side Yards
2020-4 Regulating the Use of Fences
2020-5 Prohibit Parking
2020-6 Amend Sewer Use Charges

2019 Ordinance Revisions/Additions

2019-1 Special Events Ordinance
2019-2 Truancy of Minors
2019-3 Erection of Stop Signs & Traffic Control Map
2019-4 Regulating the Sale or Display of Fireworks
2019-5 Transient Merchants
2019-6 Regulating Dance Halls
2019-7 Regulating Hours of Operation
2019-8 Amend Sewer Use Charges
2019-9 Amending Chapter 425
2019-10 Amending Sewer Use Charges

2018 Ordinance Revisions/Additions

2018-1 Amend Section 410-13 B. Relating to Subdivisions & Developments
2018-2 Amend Chapter 425 Relating to Changing Zoning Classification
2018-3 Ordinance to Amend City of Arcadia Comprehensive Plan
2018-4 Annexing Territory to the City of Arcadia
2018-5 Limit Parking at Additional Locations within the City of Arcadia
2018-6 Ordinance to Amend Sewer Use Charges
2018-7 City of Arcadia Business Occupancy Registration Ordinance
2018-8 Ordinance Amending Chapter 360 Relating to Traffic Regulations
2018-9 Ordinance to Amend Sewer Use Charges

2017 Ordinance Revisions/Additions

2017-1 Ordinance Amending the City of Arcadia Code of Ordinances in regards to Duties performed by the Board of Public Works
2017-2 Limit Parking Time at Additional Locations within the City of Arcadia
2017-3 Ordinance to Amend Sewer Use Charges